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Check:  Please make the check out to “Reaching Environmental Awareness and Cultural Harmony, Inc.” and send the check to:

Reaching Environmental Awareness and Cultural Harmony
c/o Grace McCarthy
22226 Parnell Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44122

We are in need of funds to continue REACH. We need money to cover supply costs (such as journals, compasses, and water bottles for the girls), and also funds to pay for costs associated with certain activities that require the rental of equipment (i.e., snowshoes, ice skates) and/or require admission fees. Most importantly, we need funds to cover transportation costs.  For each outing, we need to rent a bus (and a driver with a bus license) to transport the girls. This has turned out to be a significant expense.  REACH does not receive financial support from our school or any other institutions and is funded 100% through donations right now.

Because we believe so much in the value of REACH, want it to continue for years to come, and recognize that our fundraising efforts might be more successful if contributions are tax deductible, REACH (thanks to an attorney offering his services for free) has been formed as a nonprofit corporation (Reaching Environmental Awareness and Cultural Harmony, Inc.) in the state of Ohio.  On January 30, 2017, we received confirmation from the Internal Revenue Service that REACH is approved as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charityAccordingly, any contribution that you make is tax-deductible.
We will issue an acknowledgment of your donation that you can use in preparing your yearly tax return.

Any amount of money donated means so much because it will enable us, through REACH, to spread our love of nature, our passion for environmental science, and help foster true relationships across cultural lines amongst Cleveland middle school girls.

Thank you so much!