Our Final Meeting of the Year

Last Saturday was our final meeting of the year. The girls had a blast exploring all that University Circle has to offer. We first explored The Botanical Garden and learned about various plants. While we were there, we met a forty two year old tortoise and watched a chameleon use its suction-like tongue to capture its lunch! After a brief lunch break that involved running races on Wade Oval, we headed to The Cleveland Museum of Art where the girls spent a majority of their time in the interactive child-friendly area. We also spent time in the medieval section and saw the armor of medieval knights. Finally, the girls completed an art activity in which they illustrated a tradition in their family and then presented it to the group. Through this activity, the girls learned about the differing customs and traditions of their friends of different cultural backgrounds.



We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know each and every one of our REACH girls. It was amazing to see the girls form new friendships and explore outside of their comfort zone throughout the year. Thank you so much for another successful year of REACH!

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