The Future of REACH


We’re Carolyn and Grace, the new leaders of REACH. We’re both seniors at Hathaway Brown and have a strong commitment to sustainability. As we take over REACH, we hope to continue the legacy of Abby and Addie. We will continue to run a monthly weekend program for middle school girls to educate them on their surroundings and help them make lasting cross cultural friendships.┬áIn addition, we hope to expand REACH in various ways.

First, we hope to expand our program to primary school girls from across Cleveland. We plan on hosting a fundraiser with primary school students and their parents this summer in order to help integrate them into the REACH program and educate them further on the mission of REACH. From there, we wish to start a monthly program at a set location where girls will begin to learn about the threats of climate change while also getting to know girls their age with completely different backgrounds.

Next, we hope to expand the program to girls from schools other than Hathaway Brown and Campus International. Having girls from various other schools throughout Cleveland will help to expand each girl’s perspective of her surroundings in Cleveland, reinforcing REACH’s mission of creating lasting friendships between girls of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We look forward to a great year at REACH!

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